Saturday, February 13, 2010

Introduction to Reading Lies

Welcome to the Body Language Blog by Reading Lies.

My career is dependent on successfully reading the body language and detecting deception of people. The intent of this blog is to provide information to people who are interest in reading about body language and deception detection techniques. You may be a Sales Person, Judge, Therapist, Flight Attendant, Soccer Mom, or really anyone.

I am NOT Going to tell you you can learn to do this in 30 minutes. I am not going to tell you if you buy my books or videos you will be able to tell when anyone is lying to you, and be able to get the truth out of them. That is a LIE!

Paul Ekman of the Ekman Group, says there is a lot of bad information out there, he is right. It takes years to become proficient in reading body language and deception unless you are a "natural" (there have only been 50 scientifically proven to be). After all of this, you will still get it wrong occasionally. However, some will attempt to persuade you otherwise, don't fall prey to their deception.

A lover, a spouse, a best friend, a child, a coworker, a boss.... did they lie to me? I must know. Well, if you are trying to use this blog to figure that out, you have bigger issues than this blog can or will help with, you may want to go see Dr. Phil.

I hope you find this informational and have fun watching interviews and press conferences with a new perspective.

The information provided here is a series of examples, for entertainment purposes only. It WILL NOT make you a body language expert. Understand this or you will damage relationships, sales opportunities, even your career. Use this information with extreme caution. Reading Lies is not responsible for you, be responsible for yourself.

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